We all love America!
Something has become apparent however and that is that our nations' leaders need to stop the lies and start telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! The media assists in orchestrating these lies and as they spread like a cancer through our nation, American's have grown apathetic, believing all politicians to be corrupt.

Why don't politicians in America want to be held to any standard of excellence and why don't they stop their lying?

A brilliant constitutional scholar in California shared, that "Lies are protected speech under the Constitution." Did our founding fathers envision or intend the wholesale telling of lies to Americans to be protected speech under the Constitution?

Recently speaking with a high level judge in California about demanding that politician's be held responsible for their lies, we discussed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which was passed by Congress in order to make heads of corporations personally responsible for their wrong doing. This judge stated that "Politician's are not like heads of publicly held corporations. Politicians," he added, "need to be able to" and he paused and I interjected the word, "lie?" and he continued on.... "They need to be able to "shade the truth" to put forth their agenda, which he or she may believe is for the betterment of all the people."

"Your honor, when the politicians' agenda isn't in the best interest of the people of America, what happens?" "The citizens of this great nation pay the price as usual in one form or another and remain on the hook for life, time and time again, while the politician who lied to us all moves on to another government job. His or her pension grows and they're never held accountable for their lies!"

We're told there are laws against wrong behavior in the corporate world, legal and medical malpractice, even private citizens misconduct, so why then did Congress sign into law the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the summer of 2002? Public pressure brought this action about and it's public pressure that will halt the lying lips of politicians.

As you well know, if any of us were employed in a large corporation and we lied or caused that company any harm, we are fired...plain and simple, never to work for, that company again. So why then should politicians be held to any lower standard? Let us help our public servants tell the truth by making them accountable just as they work to make hard working Americans accountable.

Would you be interested in participating and or adding your name today to this noble cause, to demand that all politicians be held personally accountable to tell the truth?

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